Heidi Powell on Returning to Social Media After Death of Dave Hollis: 'We're Moving Forward Now' (2024)

Heidi Powell is opening up about her return to social media following the death of Dave Hollis in what she called "my first real post to camera since everything happened a month ago."

The fitness instructor, 40, shared a lengthy video message to Instagram last week, letting her followers know what her mindset is as she continues on the platform moving forward.

"Let it be known that while this page going forward will always exist to spread truth, love, and light, I reserve the right to have what that looks like change and evolve over time as I, Heidi Lane, change and evolve over time," she wrote in a caption. "And boy… is the evolution at light speed these days."

Dave Hollis, Former Disney Executive, Dead at 47

Elsewhere in her caption, Powell wrote that her goal with her social media accounts moving forward is to "feel like home for those who need a home."

"To feel safe for those who seek safety. To bring light and laughter to those in need of joy," she continued. "And to provide a path to peace to those struggling in unrest. You belong here. You are worthy. You are loved."

Hollis, an author and former Disney executive, died at age 47 in February. He and Powell began dating following his split from his ex-wife, and Powell previously mourned his death with a touching tribute, remembering how they went Instagram official on Valentine's Day 2021, which also marked Hollis' 46th birthday.

In her first video message to followers, Powell explained that she was struggling with how she'd return to social media following a "life-changing break." As she explained, healing was difficult and she used the last few weeks to focus on her, her family and Hollis' family.

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"One of the most important things I learned that pertains to you guys and what I do here is the way that I was living my life before — not that it was bad — but the way that social media and things that I can't take with me when I die, the way that I allowed them to matter pulled so much of my peace, my family's peace, and I didn't even realize it until I was out of it," she said.

Powell then told her followers that she hopes to have an Instagram page that inspires them to become better people, but that she intends to prioritize the peace of herself and her family first and foremost. "I'm gonna move forward with the things I believe God wants me to do on this planet," she added. "And it may mean showing up a lot, it may mean showing up a little bit for you guys, but what it will definitely look like is me showing up for me."

"I'm living this phase of my life with a lot more trust and a lot more faith," Powell then shared. "That much I will tell you. We're moving forward now. I'm gonna show up as much as I show up ... I felt like I needed to have this conversation with you guys, for me."

Heidi Powell Shares Message of Gratitude in 'Midst of Pain and Confusion' After Dave Hollis' Death

Heidi Powell on Returning to Social Media After Death of Dave Hollis: 'We're Moving Forward Now' (1)

Previously, Powell wrote about being "heartbroken and totally devastated" following the news of Hollis' death. "You loved your kids and your people so deeply. Your heart was far too big for this world… and I was the lucky one who got to see and experience the magnitude and depth of your infinite love. To be the recipient of so much of that love will forever be one of my life's greatest gifts," she wrote. "Bask in the peace, my best friend. Let it surround you. See your light. Feel the love that you are."

As the previous post came to a close, Powell wrote, "I love you forever and always, David Marshall Hollis," and vowed to "spend my life counting down the days until our souls can rejoice and connect once again."

Hollis died at his home outside Austin, Texas, on Feb. 11, a family representative previously told The Hollywood Reporter. An exact cause of death has not been revealed, but THR and Variety reported that Hollis had recently been hospitalized with heart issues.

An autopsy will be performed, with the final results not being expected for some time, the Hays County Justice of the Peace Andrew Cable told PEOPLE.

Dave's ex-wife Rachel Hollis shared a statement following his death, writing "we are devastated." The pair, who share four children, were married for 16 years before they announced their split in June 2020.

"I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them," she continued. "Please wrap the kids up in prayers as we try to navigate through the unthinkable."

During his time at Disney, which THR and Variety reports he was at from 2011 to 2018, Hollis led theatrical distribution during his time with the company, and helped launch film franchises such as Frozen, Black Panther, the Avengers series, and more.

Heidi Powell on Returning to Social Media After Death of Dave Hollis: 'We're Moving Forward Now' (2024)
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