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Why Wait For Good Employees? Fast Action Is Automatic When You Dial FR 9-3711 "Immediate Results" Attested Charles Rosenblatt Park Avenue Service Station THI MIAMI HERALD Sotiriiy Fibmry ST INI AUTOMOBILE mechanic fully perlenced MO Must hrr own tool JE 8-3651 Paik Art Scrvlc BUtlon 331-Srd St 1 S3 LANDSCAPING 1231- BUSINESS OPPOBTUNITIES 23S BUSINESS OttOITORtTUS 131- RUSHES! 0PP0BTMITOS 1237-IDI OHOITOMTM WTD rOI ULI-IOTS Hi- eoiu oaiui ion rial mm loans 2S7- TU DTS NOKITm EXPERIENCED PUILDFH I aeaed EoySl I lot landlords! Da ran MEN'S STORE MQuick monev pinner je 2-d6e DRUGSTORE FOR SALE EXCEL- ATTENTION Ur UfNt LOCATION GOOD TERMS went new life WITH OR WITHOUT STOCK dead or dying re IHTIH Bl WATERFRONT i'c K4 fi mm- winn brouiht to your REAL KB 1 A le eitlurant properly mum sk nsi MORT- WI BUY 1ST estimates Alhamhra and LEASE ONIY IF Eoulnnrd 0 aiM iua iwum- wJLL SELL kU th st pl y-gri not will consider any 615 -'COIN LAUNDRIES SER- OAQI FOR day flat terms MAtToa 5200 000 call Li Lots UHi Tn Th Florida Keys Month Down VICE FLEAS! enray A LI WATERFRONT 1 INFORMATION promising oner Call all FROM t-9 and Mon Sun alter jTO 7-3035 No broken TREES trim top remev Free estimate OX 1-3822 4658 10th CI HU MTJ 5-3212 2352 PONCE owners a toe PL 8-6041 DE LEON CALL Residential boat aylng dockage down II terms NE 5-5042 ii a lami-a- in iitfinQ aua con- Free Brochure FR 1-4411 a-loss 7 A -MIDNIOHT i uw TuYrte vd' asr: CHINCH bug spravmg 2- MONET TO LOAN FORCED TOjIELL TOWNTOWN BIApTV SALON Average S12 WI 5-3768 1ST AND 2ND MORTQAOES PLACED BfHIOHT AND SOLD FAST COURTEOUS PRIVATE rervthlne MS Vd Ave orcausa 01 fSMIWcr Would a so consider nutriaSt il NO DOWN PAYMENT FHA approved tort Hteh nines roads In homealtes $26 600 FOR BOTH "werea TWO splendid main waterway butl- OENERAL MORluAOs CORF COLORED Clearing nd tre mo- CLOTH I NO store with modern opportunity tot rtM nerving NE 4-3160 NE 4-47 i building and aunlrx Apt Won- Write Mr 3 414 Tampa 8t derail Income Colored town 121! rll FR 7-1717 Kyle Dyer Development corp 426 Ingrsham Bldg Miami Keys Offices Marathon Big Pin SACRIFICE must sell new 2 bedroom completely Purn near and overlooking water Writ 1 O'Don-nell 325 Hampton Lane Key Bis cayna Pla Call Miami EM 1-2342 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg 8 125th St Owner JE 2-3585 ding sites 75' frontage each SUCCESSFUL 3-oprralor year-i round business Hotel office building Owner 111 Just wants reimbursem*nt lor rental tecum and $20 to 1600 14 KI FIRST ATI HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP PHONE FR 1-8422 9na aaartcaael mortgages a lew FOUNDATION rill Lwn na top are rt t-icrcc WILL buy tor self MO 7-H21 HI 8-3171 PAR BY OWNER oil low price wo J-J1J you take over Call HI 3-4468 Bi Tat saw t5aVrkrihei'V'nlrll DT- Adlolna 4107 150' BoTa Schulte aaaflWMmffir Mr veedir aWtawtlllw WaWtW Ig wjmaW Realtor Exclusive SACRIFICE for cash 26 choice I HI 6-0838 Res HI 8-3123 lots in NE Miami iMth St i SACRIFICE sle fully eoulpped Eves and Sun PRUDE uii Dvu lar lurniiurc NTIAL ACCItPT CORP BBETt ind wine ht inrftttnn TREES trim top removed Free ffiSPW W3 estimate Insured OX 1-2780 Yu 3-5C4 trade equity PL 8-5914 DUPLEX CBS Purn for mortgage 6131 NW 6th Ct HI 8-4453 or PL 4-5582 HI 12th Ave Last lots In lovely SACRIFICE 100' 1 100' residential Miller lot In choice location on Ander neighborhood FHA and VA ap son Rd HI 4-4153 WHITE yardman All equipment Free jailmate gjj 5-2642 50X140 CANAL lot Marathon with 43' 1154 Trailer $7500 $2500 down Bmythe Marathon Fla WATERFRONT 70'xlOQ' need cash $1500 Valued at U000 Mate-cumbe Key NE 5-6241 MIAMI SHORES LOTS lm proveu uw i-xui 200' FRONTAGE Blacarne Bled and 185th St Liberal business Settle estate Olfer Smith WI 5-1371 7tn si $4500 make SUNDRIES draft beer wine and cash Offer U47 W71ih 8t beer to go 1118 8 I7ih Ave CAN handle alone Need partner BEER and wine bar' beet location for hgh dellverv with station cltv 2 minutes to town Hieh agons- S3 000 reaulred 1 1 Income By owner 501 NW 7th Box H-101 Herald Ave FR 4-8786 after 5 i id ACTIVE sDraypaintlng business Accounts all eauipment $2000 CHILDREN'S nothing and toy month gross TU 8-6042 alter 6 I store going business ood In- rnm Unr rrifi jh In timatei insured 0X1-8311 Coin Laundries 4000 2nd Ave PL 8-3631 Installers of FRiCi DAI RE DELUXE Laundrlej rted No Quick Action NEED A FIRST OR SECOND MORTQAOE LET U8 HELP YOU FOR FA8T COURTEOUS SERVICE PLEA8E CALL FALK MORTGAGE CO 5701 7TH AVE PL 8-t041 BORROW $1 006 $2 000 or more" Call Ray MU 1-1436 Mow fe up Maintenance White and prof earn NE 2nd 1940 Owner 257-A- FLORIDA PROPERTIES 6AVE edr EL PORTAL Duplei slonal lot 54'xl35' Ave next to house PL 1-4154 Get Cash YES' WE MEAN TODAY! EVEN if you owe 2 mortgages ws can still loan S10CQ PR 3-3374 CALL DOTTY IP YOU NEED $1000 OR MORE PAYABLE $5 PER MONTH ON CBS OR FRAME HOME NO INSPECTION FEE Circle Mortaaee Co 5 rn'i blocks south of Bird buildlnt lots 42 Rd 18 cholee (ueramred more return on Investment TREES trimmed removed Free es tlmatcs insured MO 1-1151 Tour BEACH AMOCO STATION MO 6-3032 AVAILABLE High gallonage loca- "Zrt JT 253-A HIALIAH LOTS frontages 6-15' lots 12-75' lots for $60000 Krathley 4250 NW Hnd Ave NE 4-4431 1000 FT OCEAN to River front age developing owner PL 1-1151 OCEAN to bay Tltusvllle 1505' $75 Ft Shepherd PR 1-017 For details rail NA 4-3553 uwu norm grocery Dimness BEER bar good for partners Repay $21 25 monthly Private funds Bernard Marcus Ind National Bank Bldg MO 1-2717 rock (and fill 2478 8i MU 8-0601 TOP soil pea NW 100th WSJ Trs experience In iTii Si "Sin HAVF 3" experience In auto license 2127 North Stale Road 7 auto license 2127 WATERFRONT 43150 terms Ow- PI i ffl Cm" uln'- Want backer West Hollywood FL 1-12P0 8700 NW 22nd Ave See Mr BEST LOT BUYS Morns ner HI 8-7694 or NE 5-2434 RO BEACH VER OCEANPRONT Rise mvn UMi front fool RESTAURANT PRIVATE party buys existing 1st caTs STI'mVnVSS'i' Quick Action IT LAUDERDALE REAL EST or PL 4-8732 JE 1-6011 Ext 1003 Dule Hwy Hallandal UN 6-1696 LOANS to $600 at legal rates on diamonds jewelry silver at OOOD for beats! trailers outside' furniture Etc JE 8-7468 I KI Residence $1 NW Residence $2 NW Duplex $5 NW Residence li i CHAIR barber ahop 5 barbers working across Farmers Mkt 16547 27th Ave Must sell I owner retirlngNA4-3771- PARTNER wanted $L0OO or $5000 By owner nine bar $1000 CASH REER and WE BUY 1ST OR 2ND MOJ OX 1-9982 PROFITABLE locailon fully eoulpped Just turn the key and open up the business Low rental Apply 5' Miami Residence S3 VNW Residence $1 halpekt 140 2nd Ave 2000 Acres MTLXS of waterfront 25 Island rj) rUK COURTEOUS BUYS luxurious ROn So Ft 3 USED appliances and repair busl-neea eatabllshed 5J500 lnelnd- 75 X135' Waterfront-Keyes $3 PHONE today to see these "un PLEASE CALL FALK MORTOJ CO 5701 NW 7TH AVE PL 8-1 loo Lincoln Kd 6041 ALL Town Sod and Lawn Service Rubbiah removed 1 -4814 SPECIAL wrecking- land clearing PL 4-8733 PL 7-C212 BAND Muck spread Bitter Blue Centipede Zoytla MO 6-810 1 ZOY8IA OR CENTIPEDE 2 centa Sq Ft ree estimate TU 7-3117 POWER ipraylni Average lawn VearlTcontract PL 8-0855 THEE aervlre trash cleanup aotl sand MU 5-3132 TU 7-1621 BEST pulverlied lawn and garden aoll or lawn sand NE 4-4400 I to assist Canadian prospector I In developing Mining Properties! Government Oeologlcal and Engineers reports available Can etand strictest Investigation Box J-26 1 Herald tn r-iw -j rlous I 2 bath once $5 231 Ni Blvd I 1 2 bath once S5 231 NW Blvd seautirui harbors tult directly harbors bedroom home Owner must sell at 000 under market value 33rd Ter off Broward PL 4-1701 Mr Friedman M0RCT WANTED the market lot buys Holmes PL 1-8636 or PL 1-8552 WEBB REALTY MQuick NEED A FIRST OR SECOND MORTGAGE? LET US HELP YOU FOB FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE PLEASE CALL FALK PL 8-6041 COFFEE shop Opportunity for live PACKAOE gtore for lease no in- wire Blue Bay Motel 2070 Bay vestment security and stocks Dr onlv Call FR 3-1418 for aoDOint- oj i in ie iii Myers degree mineral well land ideal for canalln for Maximum number of waterfront lot BUILDERS 2nd marttastea sound ment amjatap yu ur wiwwiji PLANTATION between Broward 631 NW 102nd St PRE-srhooi No ei- equities good discounts JE 1-3120 adjacent to successful subdivision LEAVINO for Cuba Must sell fine business established 18 years Large corner gift store and leather goods Cheap rent Bargain-below cost of inventory The pertence needed Lo LUNCHEONETTE doing akVki': r- TZ $800000 Terms will divide 000 Terms will divide Kef BUILDERS attention For sale by i-jaas 30 DISCOUNT ring 460 Ocean terms owner PL HOLLOPETXR ti POST INC 18T AND 2ND MORTQAOES owners 14M acre sltee Excel- new hnm a hedpnom th An neauy inc nountree urive sra rss uwner re Dr ble cerport centrally heated lm- sotaru B-ZI61 Cuba Shop St MB 111 on maiuu uvuu iiiuu II FR 1-2686 MORTGAGES mediate occupancy no guallfytng OCT5ANFRONT LAND BUI UK SUiL ui Established 1116 PR 3-7376 SDN REALTY NO JE 1-538 MU 1-3581 DRY cleaning agency $500 tak" over TU 8-6816 AMOCO station for lease Inventory $2500 8300 NAV 7th Aye $15200 FHA 50 year mortgage FINEST natural sandy beach ADJACENT DIAMOND LOANS UP TO lAnfl JE 1-6011 Ext 220 or PL 4-8732 monthly payments total Drier $16500 SUNDRY and luncheonette beer license one of the best In town $111 complete 530 NW 48th II Mr SloaneJOC COMPLETE lawn maintenance $5 BARBER shop 3 chairs 11 jeari up 8W area MO 1-1828 46X3 Le Jeupe Rd Oab REASONABLE white gardening BOAT yard ramp parking 5303 clean up resodding FR 1-6688 NW7th 8t MO 7-2574 "usil vCpe'e WM COIN LAUNDRIES on cSralway BROKERS need not bother I have OCEANPRONT AND Ter Plantation Ca SUNDRY store with nice llvlne good business best equipped and SEALED and kept in bank vaults New I)wer Rates Ladles Dept MIAMI'S OLDEST LOAN OFFICE SUPERIOR LOAN CO TRACKS DELRAY WILL SAC Quarters Rent Sinn month Ex justice 3-0766 vr palm Ben RIFICE ILLNESS OWNER AQUA APTS HYWD WA 3-6784 55 Fiesta Way cellent location 1817-71th St Causeway UN 5-9151 a large portfolio of smkll 2nd ONLY 2 vacant commercial sites I mortgages ln the Dade Broward left ln block Surrounded by I siocsea you will be proud to own It Death in the family and my old age force me to sell It Closed Suns 1701 NW 7th St 1 block west of Orange Bowl Stadium WATERFRONT 2 bedroom 2 bath SIXTH FLOOR OLYMPIA BLDO REAL ESTATE L0ARS area Plenty of Eeuity excellent mushrooming growth and poten- ot inn nn FOR sale bv owner- Three water- DOZERS loaders trucks graders rollers for rent PL 4-2327 STAINLESS ment teel life time eoulp-'T Practically main- SERVICE station asler I'rlp 0 returns PL 8-5591 tlal Hot retail location Here's a I tail "owner front lots on Keewaydln Island Bt'nDER has ORohND TS-ASF 1 money maker See It 1 'j at Naples Lota are 100x900 Ex- tenance free Let us prove Eddie 001ns business MO 1-1965 MOW edge white $5 Bryan HI 5-2351 FOR lease: Wonderful opportunity does it all HI 4-2234 Joe Steady WE MAKE loans on all types of iXMiTlM tr ayron ope row nes aso l-nn "muas waa-eici-kuht home tend from Oulf ef Mexico to Say $2500010 JE 2-2366 GILBERT CHAPUN REALTOR AT PLANTATION OOLP COURSBl Writ Bnv 1457 vTm Ma ror restaurant prerer respon BEER and wine 17 stool bar 6 Improved Properties Private mo- Tle-enng COIN OPERATED sible chain contacting us Hunter! 8 hslves weekly Blsc Blvri rwn -air iinuiru liru muitnir ruui uv utuii nt o'ajio i vv nn rjw i nrrum i- SPECIAL wrecking land PL 4-8733 PL 7-0212 loratinn call after 16M pl 4-057 Arms Hotel PO Box 668 St Cloud end FHA $4500 ONLY LU 3-1042 FT LAU- i HOMESTEAD 21 FHA lots $2500i DERDALE PtoIMENT 1 mr an ngr vy f-rt lee TfL 3-2632 LEE FRAZEL 10 PLagi i'fih A Ma INC 138 Security Trust Bldg IIS A P6T I Dl tcuvn i LAWN service Courtesy satisfac-tlon reliability WI 7-5487 White rii vu ivn null" ECON-O-Wash laundries down Expert planning We finance what we sell Nn third tupMpk LIQUIDATING town busy street emergency ONLY general repair store In drill press Subordination Monday call owner PL 7-3451 2S5- H0LLTW00D REAL ESTATE sale House also for sale Must Cedar Key has lathes TREES trimmed top removed Free Speedy Laundry Machinery CoM leave country 214 1st Ave estimate Insured OX 1-4342 192 NW 36th St FR 3-3258 GULF BEACH 2700' OF BEAUTIFUL Whit sand beaeh located Just North of Naples Asking only $125 front Ft: with excellent terms An outstand ine investment and can be purchased in part For full particulars call or write James Hess HESS A- MAY REALTORS 118 PONCE DE LEON BLVD CORAL GABLES HI 3-4677 $500 j-iaaier esv "In Dade since 1138" RAY STERLING CPM NE 5-6183 1744 NW 15th Aye Call Mr Babel two welding outfits Will sell reasonable or rent without equipment apartment included $75 per month Good fishing and hunting Gibson 72078 Yankee Town Exchange and MO FINEST topsotl sand up Wa also spread fill $8 SMALL Investment Excellent In-! 1-7185 come Sacrifice going business WE WILL sell placement tnd mortgages 10 all under $2000 each Amortised over 3-5 years Title Insurance HORNWELL MTO CO 3770 FLAGLER HI 4-2522 WILL sell my 51350 2nd mortgage on house at 2820 NW 171st Ter for $1100 NA 45131 WANT TO RETIRE DRY CLEANERS LAUNDROMAT Good Best location Sell together or separately PRICED BELOW COST 12424 Brscayne Blvd LAWN service tree and 1 a No Down Payment NO CLOSING COSTS 125 T1ROIN1A RD Hollywood low monthly payment Immediate possession stov refrigerator carport and fence JE 1-5783 WI 7-5145 DOWN balance 5 to 16 years Bay-view lots on Beys bore Drive See or Call PAUL CTJRCIO Lot and Aereaee ftrjeelalist spraying expert tu i-tim mncrimeresis uaj-o532 MUST sell bakery delicatessen bu7-Iness large shopping center due to partnership disagreement! HI 3-3798 after 7 PM OPPORTUNITY of a life time MODERN shopping center now1 soil FR 1-0667 I HAVE unllm Ited private funds to LAWN sand muck nursery any section MO 1-6211 WE HAVE a varied collection used car ivr 1 unaer construction on summer-1 of Hamilton Inc Realtors PL 4-3412 OKEECHOBEE COUNTY 100' 500' lake front 1 200" LEAS I50xii5' int wiih rRst nf'land Key Fastest growing areal Jiace buy or loan against st or 2nd mortgages ANY- 1st and 2nd mortgages for als- hour For details VERO Lake Estates Lot 100 x130 BARBER crlmlnatlne Investors OR LEASE flee good location ready to competition Wanted tenants! BULLDOZER service $6 MU 1-8503 LOCATED In Pembroke Plneg 70 Low WMtKE I FLORIDA SACRIFICE LUXURY EQUIPPED call FR 4-1848 or JA 4-1576 ror age on US e-i 0 ACRE tract $165 per acre xll3' corner 2 bedroom 2 bath 120 aiJV rsso ha 1 7 VJU nn rth Bt i64t: rate Quick action Free 3340 NW 36th St owner PL 1-3174 Ior grocery store oarber shop ir7T--n I hardware building supply store' l'9io' llene in Palm undry store Contact Maydell large family room torn Built ln atov Huut in stove 5 Off Line Rd Terrific Opportunity 1587 Wash Ave JE 1-0325 WILL sell my $1200 2nd ACRE tract 4350 lcrt mort- NW AVE CHOICE BUSI NW heat IMWil C1750A JtrPTI farm rfafr- Ar cltrna 7TH Lawn Edging oven central gage on house at 3460 i-u Micuvurj uu ii- Hummer and Kev NESS CORNER MU 1-6041 low down payment 6900 SW 9th $165 per acre area low tu res Best offer te 1btn bi ior ymo ha 4-5131 BEAUTY salon busy rent MB JE 8-37C4 St WI 7-7992 1000' ACRES with over 2 mile TH PL Last lots awn trIt i TRAILER Park Modern full nicely' 5501 NW R-4 $151 $15000 WILL sell my gsge on house -vu 'if andscaneo sn-SDace nark and 3 BEDROOM 1 bath UN 5-2175 Lake Forest $1200 2nd at 621 NW 4-TU1 of US Highway frontage J220 per acre HIGHLAND COUNTY $1 50 up Also mowing MO 7-7824 PIA rock 50c bushel delivered north of 71th STna 1-1011 'ouinment Have other busl- nome ln 0rogresslve town Good Hvwd $10900 small down pay pay- Ter for $1000 NA A CHARM and Modeling School Oood location complete set-up $2500 Box V-67 Herald inapectlon $1000 to $1 000000 for all types of Improved or vacant property ASK YOUR BANK ABOUT US EST 1946 NORMAN BABEL MORTGAGE CO PLAZA Bl DO 2458 1ST 8T MIAMI i WE -WILL BU Groups of Mortgages On Dwellings Only In trade pw iu iiiiir taae 2865 NW 17th Ave ment win take trailer income Owners retiring Box J-3 i Herald HOMESTEAD 75' 102' residential lot $2500 Cash pr terms Monday Call owner PL 7-3451 4561 SW 36th St ACRES high and dry $125 net ACRES on county roads $250 per $4800 2ND fr 5 years 30 discount Mr DahlMO 5-3565L Bt'SY LIQUOR BAR 680 71ST ST PACKAGE OWNER 200 ACRES Venus area $110 per SACRIFICE 3 bedroom 2 bath MATTRESS REI0YATIWG MAYTAO COIN- LAUNDRY MONEY maker City sewers Hich potential By owner HI 8-7702 BEER wine and sundry store tvr sale by owner PR 4-5583 FHA 85x100 SW 48th St and WILL sell my $2000 filtered screened-ln pool Urgent In Mtamt Call TU 8-6634 ln Okeechobee RO 6-1561 Ave aewera mu i-oto 2nd mort- 3 FI 3 ino going north must sell WI 7-3795 gaee on nouse at 5th Ave for $1750 NA COFFEE SHOP FA8TEST Beach sandwich shoo 6 days Easy operation No kev JAMES TOMPKINS REALTOR 1650 UP WILL renovate and eterl-lOROCER fruit beer wine use yoor mattress or box springs ery corner Wash 1st St bak- MB SACRIFICE must sell 7 modern i- $1000 WILL sell my 42500 2nd unlimited funds mort fully monfr- Just buy my stock 525 Furn CBS rental units 7 baths Z240 ACRES or 3' sections lo IN OCEAN FRONT motel Miami a largest ana oldest zartory ease on the house at SrAAn itS BEAUTY Salon for sale busy shop 3-8277 enuionrri mmpriAlf no-srMinn HI PER lot In Dade County only HI Dallas Mortgage Co cated ln South central pars pr Florida Ideal for developing or ilia ier ior siioo NA 4-5131 SOUTHERN MATTRESS CO ltJ cash down also 24R nil nrtprwnnn vr srwd Rental basis Apply 19051 Collins TRUCKING Ave anytime Wl 7-2636 I of work plenty Res business with WI 7-4459 or citrus All or part can be pur- 1807 Congress Bldg FR 1-6457 INVEST $3 500 with licensed con- at $750 per lot Palm Beech Coun- Builder's repossession New 4 CORNER STORE BARGAIN OFFER 1111 NW 8TH AVE WI 7-5235 public stutocraphers extras OTTTf-IC ir-rmu -rt tniM1 iii or nriurns HOUI ten srrn rivriri: iur sprcuiaiioa bedroom 2 msny 1 BARBER shop for sale due to ill i 'uu uunii Mar II Ham mi bjkii n-r-an terms easy chased for only $95 per acre with terms arranged to suit For full particulars call or write James Hess HESS Ar MAY REALTORS 91 ft Pc-INCS: ns LEON HLVD I ON PROPERTY PERRY STONE FR 4-3437 838 LINCOLN RD ness sacruiring xjmtl j-cnair modern and fully equipped air conditioned shop fnr 55400 Lonei TTeotTt3rit aer-l TRAILER PARK ELI PIETRACK OAS STATION SITES 350 LINCOLN RD JE 8-5781 Have Several "IPTr1: can Teller yu i-won iii Lot and Acreage Soeciallst south nariF niut HJy? iiyuna iHamllton Inc Realtora PL 4-3492 2 BEDROOM 1 bstn purn Car- Prlre build- MONEY in a hu7r? Mortgage JUT" nnwkW se 1' "lnJ'' LARGE guest house corner Holly- CORAL GABLES JDS- RADIO income nrnnem BUCK Grundy well known Ret a iujyw iuv wsuumm mat reasonable 901 Jell MB loans on noines Ave wood Fla rase if desired located on Mam MU8T sell to settle estate Situ- street reasonable rent business is ated on Military Trail In Palm fnod Room to install 3 more chairs 5rri Living quarters rear stove it- Worth 18 trailer s-aceg Nice in- frigeratnr automatic washer 'or couple Telephone couch and bed S150 inventory in- ana vacant land RESTAURANT ORILL 43500 Du wiL It $4500 each Wl 7-1778 PLACID LAKES r-MfcrTiVT -r 7i i-ijiwi uaji wjHfi nii orcn wun Jl years res- '5S I PERRINE MORTGAGE CO INC ldence and "aquare-deallns" needslB-3 60'Xa8' FRONTS on 2 streets RECORD Player Tepe recorder-Repairs Daniel's Service Shop 1727 NW 7th St PR 4-2314 ii owirun Jt-jw I 1 IK 1 Dixie KK1 CV 57711 sma nvc mn aantta In fnk fir 7 nt Sm rinan lllneSS fitmnrf D1I UT 0-1171 7 ROOM 3 bedroom 2 batn central air condition and heat 2 car garage pool and cabana Corner Tot lakeside South Lake Hollywood 18 months old Many ex jjg jentneo in price or shop iii A it irArt r-e- and no other reason (or and control reasons one single in ance 7 years HI 4-0515 selling' SESRINO LAKE PLACID AREA LOTS $10 DOWN $10 MONTH LARGE waterway lots $1800: $200 down Call for free bus ride to neAu oamn Hroaamoore snop B-3 AND R-4 SW 17th Ave at LOW COST 2ND MORTGAGE LOANS REFRIGERATION vestor not acceptable As beneflcl-sry you Invest 4500 you recerve In return ln 180 days of $600 LU LAU NUK onl'- Call or write Your VwWii'H NLVIM I sh0p 270 Duval St Key $4 000 DOWN Excellent return on West Fla CYnress 6-9239 ping Center 8728 NW 32nd Ave tras By owner $45 000 Shown by St Owner MO 5-4 st: 236 OX 1-1352 or api intment Call A3 Sewd Property this Sunday a 3-11J2 isywd: vimntji Ji mu WbY5 1 120" gain! Or Hold for 360 LOT for sale large Va err eor- your Investment Pnnnlar nation SEALED UNIT SPECIALISTS LOAN MONTHLY beer bar grill Beach go USED car location for lease ad nrCAM CDPlMT 180 SE 3rd Ave FR 1-7532 107th Terr and 72nd REPAIR replace any sealed units amuun rs al brands Chtlcr locations LINGER LAUNDER PL 1-7775 ness Reasonable JE 1-9398 joining my showroom st 13785 sA-LHIN I lWIN I boca sell $5750 By owner Guaranteed for 1 vear i poo PAYMENTS davs to return $700 galnl ner 8W Sji 75 Insurance and Estate protect your Ave Must 411 rlJk capital plus gain Send check call CA 1-01 tit or call now Papers note and re 77-7 $5: 0202 MARKS Boys PL 9-2471 WJ55 Vt PHOTOGRAPH studio long estab- $1500 Raton Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club lot William Day Realtor rCAKB or an on Mhw uri nsned SaUQU to nmess Rea- KOW 65 X100' SW 18th Rd returned rectstered mall ceipt $3 000 REPRIOERATORS sprayed guaranteed ln home $15 NE 5-8346 $63 OUTSTANDINO buy 10 luxury completely Furn Apts 120 Ft ocean front patio parking area complete with sea wall on corner three lots fully rented Perfect ow- npar Parr na rntr of Rn Ox --iauic i n-iu nrmiu owner fh 4-1980 1' Mi ON ABOVE payments nan nav "V- siiuhuj ncanur i oan pays 4a an ic rT Investor's Dream FREE ESTIMATES 2CU ISSt estahllshaH 1R fl-5S7 SKY LAKE 48500 Matecumbe' 2121 2541 2011 'I out in full in 5 years 24 hour Phone service FR 9-0667 ASK MANUFACTURING wood novelties Present owner unsuited 611 NE 1 1st Ave CHOICE lakefrpnt lots available ner management 5914 Surf Rd YOUR BANK ABOUT US EST 1946 $1-680 5 2ND ALL makes repaired domestic and lounge nursery or combination of: hot rpcSt nrsTrnttf commercial years i experience nf(lc snd or W11 vt hoi I wood Rivn nnwn an repairs in nome 24 nour serv- yrs iRSv owner CE 5-1811 uf UaaeASjar t-effie $17' WA 2-1556 or YU 3-0171 Shown er Call month $500 off MO hi tii --wi ur v-oisjj ignoo ntment on S150000 APPROXIMATELY 1 000 acre Is land Just South of Naples In the path of future growth of South Florida Miles of water frontage and beautiful sand beach Also on SEE MORRIS SCHNEIDER FOR BEST REACH-CITY BUYS wrviviAi DAOSSAj MUK 1 0 AGE CO 245 SE 1ST ST MIAMI 32 Ira fnr all Dada Count WI 5-7357 New stores now buildlne 20' 30' and 131th URGENT must sell nrw home 3 86 X270' NE 3RD CT St 43300 Zoned units Lmiv t-ll KM 1 A UK AW I 46 2ND mortgage 8 month placed Aug 1958 i-'i-u: tin JE 1-7681 DO YOU have a morteats PECIAtI7INO lea nick 40' frosts Suitable for womtfi'l noie DEALERSHIP operation good lease iruMiwra uaiii Vino IJUL you and ADOLPH STONE Realtor PL 7-4841 repair and regasslng NE 4-3024 for $2100 Mr Avery pppfialtv shop children's wear Ramnna St Mtramar grosses Sjuuu weekly Mr Kos wish to sell? I buv 1st 2nd' private FR 3-5182 Will sell PL 4-4123 oiy sne miano waterway rrtc 75uinsr (With 20 down 10 yearn on the For brochure and par- men wear shnes Inquire pO wood Phone YU 1-2947 man FR 3-8681 Afternoons onl SACRIFICE! Largest baby furnl-l ttire rental business In area full price $10000 cash 626 Wash Ave MB JS 8-5804 Box 531 Boynton Beach Fla WIDOW will sacrifice newly pur- ttruiars call or write James WATERFRONT IN SO MIAMI $6500 WITH terms suberdina tlon 10000 So Ft near Sunset Dr Private HI 5-3628 or MO 5-3886 SHOE repair fully equipped sac- chased home ln Mirtmar Never Hess REFRIGERATOR air conditioner washer repaired sprayed Door tssketa a speciality MO 5-4761 INSTANT service Refrigeration and air condition PL 7-1621 FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE WE BUY MORTGAGES On Improved Property LEE A- FRAZEL INC Shoreland Arcade FR 3-2632 INTEREST in Tandem dump rifice for quick sale 1730 NW 36th St occupied Only $9 500 terms Be- HESS A- MAY REALTORS fore burin see this and other 91R PONCE DE LEON BLVD 138 irucx wun loo Receive 25" 0f ood buys with CORAL GABLES HI 3-4677 ON NE 111st St BARBER SHOP FOR SALE BEST LOCATION OWNER BARBFR CAN MAKE GOOD LIVING ALL NEW FIXTURES 2000 WILL HANDLE WITH LEASE CALL WI 5-2651 nus prom YU -4459 gift Res WI 7-5Z35 91 VACANT LAND 1ST MORTOAOE8 IRC UODTOirP r-r -w ILLNESS forces sale of fine TOR LOTS iciu nr ii i i i and noma arcatsnr- hon Ton I J-t1 Ban 113 SEWIHC MACHINES A15? Pemhrnke Rd vn 91444 EIGHT Unit Apt nouse 3 room compels sale of General LER FR 1-1493 shopping renter Must sell within DEATH nrlvata hatVi aarh 1 htnrka hearfc I 22nd Ave Across from St Law irence Parish Waterfront In ex elusive Sparling Lake area PL 8-8632 KEYSTONE POINT waterfront NO COMMISSION fees on 58 900 ROCK Illled MO 6-6188 btore estaoiished tor many years Retiring because of death of wife Very reasonable Surplus Outlet isi na mortgages ror mv own rs 2 BEDROOM CBS Pool beautiful- of city present monthly Income ly landscaped YU 3-2361 $520 $30 000 Only $7000 down FOR sale by owner Hollywood Hills -'fn''p 'fn Lt 30 days No reasonable offer refused For Information call Sun all day Tues Wed Thurs after 6 NA 1-8484 account FR 9-4485 8trumnf MUST sell double corner lot tn Cutler Rd area lots Acreg Henry Resold Land Broker aiore nw jrd Ave Brickell PR 1-0224 after 6 PARTNER wanted for ship operation Miami to West Indies have 838 NW 4th St Fla ka'h Vlnrida' room laraalGOCda RENT THE FINEST AU machines repaired bought gold electrified Complete stock psrts and attachment 8120 2nd Ave PL 1-763TPL 1-2954 Open till 1 8ZWINO machine repairs all makes MO 6-4525 7316 SW Ar CANDY store with fruit shipping 150 ton steel hull deisel freighter "BIG RETURNS CALL DOTTY of near of Reasonable rent APT hous builders 75'xl5 Can 61 t-62b 124 noursi build 8 Apts NE 127th St 60'xlOO' $80G0 Owner PL 7-4235 5 lot? 510000 needed for installation utility room central neat sprin 750 ACRES niaau i-mit aau b-oapu kler system large lot all new wall OWN a coin oneratar! nn a ttanrtad relrigeratlon High returns on In vestment Fully secured by insur ance FR 4-3689 Box H-38 Herald ST to wall rugs drapes TV refrlg- 2471 140TH 14fl 8ACRIFICF Already Started Subdivision BEAUTY shop or equipment sale Oables NE 4-6418 rmr Knilt in oian not anH nana fori self service laundry We have 3 iexcelient locations under lease We fr 1- 1017 or MO 7-0903 OWNER must sell duplex lot 60x south of Orlando Le In home $1 up 15 dishes lawnmower immediate oc- win-co ALL REPAIRS 125 Has cltv water and sewer- CORNFR 7th Ava the most beautiful re- cupancy Price $19800 complete cated in Singer PL 8-3428 years wun TATT7A fW a tt i nf rViin nf mltaa nf BCRV1CE LAUNDERETTE MORII nhntn "5Q truelr 15 rnn r( Prepared to show you SCCCess- DRIVE in excellent equipment Sffiofia" Vm week Will operations in Greater Miami good Income Apt on premises rea Phone Mr Gene Simon of age 881 sw join street priced and 153rd St Zoned $4dOQ will give terms Please billboard lease pays taxes and tn-iSSSjSSUSiSSS: fakefront 3 miles of 'canals Pav- all at Repairs NO SERVICE charge makes Til 10 DON'T WORRY CIRCLE MORTGAGE CO CAN: LOAN YOU $1000 TO S25 0OO CONSOLIDATE YOUR BILLS Refinance Balloon Mortcage GIVE YOU FAST 8ERVICE Payments a low as 520 month NO INSPECTION FEE UN 6-1696 1003 Dixie Hwy Hallandale snm SAVE 4100 HI 6-0231 ed roads 50 nlatted and recorded call MO 1-8185 or FR 9-2584 jterest Harold Margoll Inc room for coin operation ample' General Laundry Machinery Co parking $12000 cash down Own- SANDWICH shop with beer op- 562 18th St Hia TU 8-1687 nrunwiH oain laise uvmgj ioU in houses a ready built sa 82! portunlty for couple short hours Eves HI 8-5048 room Kitchen and er un ei-iiBb OP WEST Flagler 8t tfftt est of 67th Ave Must be sold DUPLEX BUILDERS Income pro- reeneo CT exchange fnr good 17- STOVE REPAIRING 5090 NE 2nd Ave CiTDOTJ- be- prly Miami or Beach For in Near school RADIO TV shop equipped sacrl-1 I Jules Realty Co FR 1-3619 10 R-2 LOT8 75'xl40' each $35000 1 aut If ullv WOMEN'S chairs Both' excellent landscaped Box H-116 Herald HARRERSHOP 2 rear established lease good net profit UN 5-3477 after 10 nee sate moo tu 8-1172 location Kay Broker and churches 6951 SW 24th Ct convenie MO 6-4161 convenient FREE estimates Electric range washers repaired FR 4-4865 Reasonable working NE 4-564 Mtramar YU 9-0599 BE YOUR own boss maior oil Co iWV7 1-1217 209 ACRES for sale hv owner In TIllll Ornit 71- mllaa has stations fnr lease PO Box I ill 1 10 CORAL GABLES UNITS LOTS NORTH DADE 75'X100' 1 500 EACH MORTGAGES bought or made fasti service no charge for appraisal LM Investment Eves MO 5-50041 NEW beautiful modern home 2 from Brandon Fla (8uburb of 60X100 IN NEW section 4870 NW 5th 8t $2000 down terms 2405 Palm Bch TE 3-4427 vOI IVd lebCcnT nOlTie All leased with J21- TRANSFER AMD STORAGE bedroom 1 bath Florida room security INCOME RACE horse 45000 liitamt nnaeiTit i aj I tlVATE party will nlace nr hnv Tampei Lake frnnt property paved road frontage 40 Stantlon well eoulpped dairy barn and 4 tenant $2500 WI 5-401 FHA LOTS 225 ART PRESENT REAL ESTATE rooms 7 wards VA baths 7 air STORE WITH CONFIDENCE International Bonded Whse Corp carport atr-condltloned reverse cycle for heating Most modern kitchen and appliances Charmingly Furn completely 60'xlOO' nlcelv landscaped For quick sale WI DRY cleaning and laundry 3-2061 11) NE ifiJKD ST conditioners Furn Hospital equip- 1 1st and 2nd mortgages No eom-anti missions no inspection fees I will beat any deal offered My own houses 51100 per acre Meivin Harris Oeala MA 2-6872 or writ press shop PL 9-5700 COIN LAUNDRY ub customs Bonded Hauling Crating Shipping Gcaia Fia Oca i Rt 3 Box 406 FYsTflMF PO NT improvements ready to build IL 1 I WINC rVJIlN I From $1615 to $1150 Builders private money je 8-1538 Ml SW 8th 8t will show with man Call ret 4-BM7 ELECTRIC shop air condition TU 8-9267 Eves terms Construction money and YU 3-9401 FLA RETS PROPERTIES WATERFRONT LOTS permanent mortgages avauaoie AND drr cleaning business Oood money maker Brokers Invited UN 5-9352 AFTER 6 and Sun vm 5-5262 COLORED area corner groceries meats beer wine no near competitor $3000 per week potential $4700 includes stock and equipment See Sat Sun No brokers 1900 NW 5th Court PRICED from $11000 to $15000 terms Attractive proposition to Louis Miner i owner) MOVivo to Dade and Broward household and office MO 5-4673 MOVINO North? Take advantage of Bader Bros $50 minimum to 714 Thornton Orlando Fla SEBRINO 6 acres at City Llmltg and Hwv 27 Close to proposed new shopping center $1200 an acre 122 Walnut St Sebring Pla ivticE home on large lot on Lak i Pearl at Lake Placid Fla I MO 6-4010 PARTNER wanted Experienced delicatessen man Wonderful op-portunity 1428 Alton Rd ouuaer 1ST MORTGAGES 2ND MORTGAGES WE BUV MORTOAGES Free information Free inspections Evenings PL 4-4872 BRETTHAUER ANY and all Kers real es ate See OEOROE DYKES Brok KEYSTONE POINT INC PL 9-2941 Phon 6-9 PM CHerry 1-1904 BEER wine and food choice spot marry norinern cities Enjoy our Call TU 7-3663 Eves all ZONK B-2 colored on NW 32nd ay FR 3-4117 Ingraham Bldg Ave 44' 120' $4200 cash Miami low rates and still have your goods KENDALL 3 choice acre sites or part Owner FR 4-2835 BARBERSHOP moved safely by a mover with DEALERSHIP on nrw food product Agent PL 1-8372 largest 1st Un fleet ln this area trade marked Snatxle German VA FHA WHAT do you want? If we don't have it we'll find It for you MONET TO LOAN MORTGAGE CO 42 Lots VA and FHA approved SELLING IS OUR BUSINESS WE HAVE uyers fnr most any type business Figures must stand investigation NEUBURGER REALTY 7210 BISC BLVD Best shinning schedules to all point ln US Free estimate any type spaghetti Available Northern states PL 1-0172 5j60N 2nd Ave PL l-2 PKnncT PL 1-7592 Bob Qulnn Conner Realtor MCMCHOLAS REALTY nroeram with OWNER retiring chairs doing good business excellent location Price $5000 cash For more details call after 6 and all day Sunday 1301 NE 14th Ave time cau now Baser Bros Mov PRTV ATTC MGWWV rrt T-L321 In suoorainatton ana releases lev Down average lot 75'xl00' Price Includes Sanitary sewers Water BARGAIN ACRE ing ana storage mu 8-2511 Broward County call JA 4-9423 DRUO Store 8W modern established 8 years eame owners fountain lease pays rent excellent WE BUY mortgages on recant and improved property TTJ 7-9031 WATERFRONT lot Plantation Key's flneat development Priced Mercur PL 1-4531 Ft Lauderdale PINE KNOLL ESTATES and Streets Excellent advertising SrriL "o'i MOV1NO haullne narlried ran 1 BALANCE EASY I for cash $1000 below morket year round business clean stock1 Low rates commencing at RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT lift gate $5 up PL 1-1864 IP Ir 'ease Star FRIED and Bar BQ chicken carry ESTABLISHED 13 years Consolidate Your Bills W8 Refinine Your Mrtgats NO PAYMENTS UNTIL MAY 1 NO OR AS LOW AS location Ciil RT WeTeh i hi 8-2591 ownerjuj-oajs S67 PRIVATE 6 urug 32U1 a Bin cu out business BBQ ribs and sea- tremendous improvement 2608 HIOH elevated homesltes cleared with roads and water only $715 Co LO 6-3211 Day or night Oakland Park Blvd Ft good lea locaiec on ousy hwv a ltal IOC'' location Lau- 22nd Ave Transfer NE 4-7554 small lobs refrigerators $6 MOV1NO CALL NE 5-3714 Quick Free Estimates Palm Bch Good for couple stock $25000 PO Box 2111 Ml- r-s a total sio down silly Conner Re ami 1 I tor 100'XIOO' CORNER soned multiple units out of town owner wants aulck sale for $12000 OABY LEE REALTOR 401 Coral Way HI 6-2597 try Largo Ki GOINO business pizxas subs spaghetti beer and wine Real money maker 12659 NW 17th Ave low overhead Joseph Mnldovan 3607 Dixie Palm Bch TEmnle 3-4342 MK JAY IN VESTMENT Homesltes Unusual opportunity 17 cash-10 years on balance Box 251 Hollywood BEN'S Moving and Transfer lowest rates PR 4-2198 CR 5-1290 CA 1-2155 a ti RrnRiinD 'Hakuware in last growing com- $1000 SIS Month Moth $30 Month BISCAYNE BLVD DINNER HOUSE AND LOUNGE NEAR Broad Cswy plenty of parking seats over 200 superb at- mosnhere Sale or lease MO 6-2245 LEASE 71th St (175x3001 for trailer auto boat sales Etc Just east of NW 21st Ave PL 1-2416 LARGE Improved waterfront lots near Naples Joseph Russoman-no 1016 NW 1st Ave Ft Laud IA 2-5655 GRAND OPENING Middle Torch Key Estates TRASH removal and genera' clean up For service call PL 1-6050 chalrs Tony HI A-AA15 munity Established 6 years Can ijffj seen at 1459 State Rd 84 Ft ATLANTIC Service station good Laud 47MNhE02ndUAv inventory REgxAURANT Rare opportunity "7 Year round business Same own- last of 2 JIIOH nine UB 17 Owner Asm $10000 PER YEAR! COUPLE can net over $10000 per year in Launderette 6 year own- Miami National Mortgage FR 3-544 JI 2-2422 Area $62 50 Van Lines 3f 64 Ace MR JAY will approve your loan ln your home TODAY and you often pick up youy money TOMORROW! MR JAY MAKES 1st or 2nd mortgage loans on any pro-Pfity' 'rc any amount MR JAY doesn't charge inspection or other such and there's no obligation MR JAY'S low rates defy make one call sinclair station wonderful op- er 3 years Located Route 1 in er li toacn SU900 cash No 24in Ave MIAMI BEACH LOTS portunlty 6715 SW 40th St mania Owner must return North balance No offers 5952 NE 2nd immediately Priced for nuiek sale Ave DRIVE-IN Laundromat Money maker Established 5 years NE 5-7293 PLANT NURSERY Call YU 3-2063 Hollywood BEAUTY Salon Danla excellent Must sell at once account of Illness YU 3-1807 Hywd Local and Long Distnc WE MOVE household goods office appliance piano Anthony's Transfer ea Storage PL 1-7842 FEATURING high grade ii ww convince rourscil LICENSED BONDED StSte ef PI stock sod sand muck pea rork Largest Waterfront Lots In Keys THESE ARE NOT CANAL LOTS HIGH elevation rich fertile top soil golld rock foupdatlon plenty of trees Restricted Business section and Marina planned Lots size vary 120' on water 210" depth on 50' boulevard All double and if 1 1 WATERFRONT BT OWNER 2 RESIDENTIAL 75' lot on Alienate Isl Sunny Isle near 163 rd St between 224 and 240 Atlantic Ave Extra prlrat Island IS' oft land Private ocean beach en Collins Ave 'A block Iron property BEST OFFER Phone or write Mrs La Rose Town Hall 519 St Clair St Toledo Ohio CH 3-1121 LADIES sportswear store for sale pottery fertilizer landscaping Etc BAY POINT Beautiful waterfront oversized undersized price Don't overlook this For salt by owner All day Bat Sun and weekday Eves after 5 PM Call MO 6-6192 weekdays 9 to 5 JE 8-5263 NORTH DADE PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED THIS IS PUBLIC NOTICE TO SELL OUR 1 LOTS AT $2 600 EACH WE WARRANT TITLE WILL BE FREE AND CLEAR" Their attorney gave me these Instructions Art Present Broker WI 5-2661 fully enuinned eoori onnortunitviRnsv DRY cleaning laundry agency Living quarters FR 3-6143 HOTEL COFFEE SHOP PERCENTAGE lease No kev money Security deposit required Nothing to buy except Tour food Solid business the year round Will HTL8 Transfer PR 1-5440 House-hold moving Job or hour PL 9-6687 t'J JS- 78M 2nd Ave Signway corner excellent eal for family or partners for a young couple Approximately! lease $6500 worth of merchandise Will Must sen operator hospitalized euuin UAUt TO NORTH DADE take an offer 2020 Tyler St Hol- $3500 takes all NW 7th Ave at WE BUY EXISTING MORTGAGES iywooa St PL 4-8430 lootn also consider adjoining co*cktail GOLDEN BEACH lounge if qualified Capri Hotel' LIQUOR bar concession ln Miami's: ACTIVE partner In lone establish BAT DR lor 50X1501 SAVE 12 MOVE YOURSELF HEW Fords and other popular makes AVIS RENT a TRUCK V7X 42nd Ave NE 3-6573 FULL PRICE $1795 3010 Collins Ave MB JE 1-6011 EXt 220 laiaest oarDecue restaurant en signt seeing ooat business wrv LUAOt AOA1NB1 THEM aCALL 4-5104 MUTUAL MORTGAGE COMPANY 401 Sevbold Bldg Miami Fit 1ST AND 2ND mortsages placed Goon opportunity ror rlcht nersnn PARTNER wanted to re-establish brlt not on wateri LARGER lots priced accordingly Miami AdrertisTns Aaencv moneymaker 46000 total all cashiUnder $10000 required Box H-151 CORNER lot 207 Ft facing Indian creek oosure Allison Island ex Box 201 Coral Gables LogCabin Baj-B-Q4735 rlagler HeralnV JE 1-3654 rnvsir runGS ano HA DUNFEB Transfer moving office TNVESTOH for an intareHn nm ATLANTIC station foriPOOL room Oood business Com- 15 OVERSIZED Lakefront lots In OFF ATT MnRTriAnir rn household goods FR 3-2942 i established last growing area complete Ocean-54th St position In new field business 'ease wen estab nosition In new field hnalnau lease Well 1036 SW 1st St FR 3-4057 Call Pieie equipment 41075 18 NW 12th Ave FR 4-8748 Low down payment J25 montn Office on US 1 at new state Hwy on Torch Key Office open 1-5 every day For further information write: Middle Torch Key Estates Inc PO Box 460 Big Pine Key Fla or phone Miami office FR 7-1585 with water aewers and roads well underway prefer someone PLj'848 after 6 TRASH clean-up limbs Junk Etc Hsuled anytime PL 9-3506 Deal Direct ready to build priced to sell Lo- with knowledge 01 chemistry Box BAKERY suitable wholesala and ROOF Sprav enulnment mounted RFTIRED northern gentleman rls- cated 1 block west of NW 27th 52 DEEP Frontal over Vffl' -TU nsiaiu retail larae ovens nnnrii on walk-in truck Reasonably CARL'S Transfer general hauling ndian Creek waterfront Inclu 128 bupans boiler dough mix-ibriced NA 1-2712 lima nrrc win purcnase existing Ave oeiween nw iam bv ana first snd second mortgages at I NW 179th St NA 1-1411 ded Area's largest single parcel nouny or joo low estimate in HAMBURGER gland for rent fully equipped 5851 SW 8th St Next to Dairy Queen 3-9645 HI discounts aiso msxe new mort- an ACTIVE sandwich shop 3664 SW ers rsssar mixers luily ecu pped Box H-123 Herald REAL ESTATE LOANS avauaoie tor luxury apartments II'' att1 aa1 Unna ha ATTENTION builders: I have cnges from $25000 to $100000 tn at alter 10 am JE 2-4541 Rm 28 UPH0LSTERIKC BARBKR shop eap 3 chslrs inaaia needs money lor expan- no close comnett- ision Call HI 5-3676 good location BAR-B-0 TILT back $15 Club chlr SMuJS tjflfc w- 7lh Ave- ot "hoM comparable for immediate development Can arrange financing for auallfied builders and investors Price $1750000 JSAXA-Consider participation In building project or ground lease Roesing UNIon 6-1561- MOTEL COFFEE SHOP NOTHING to buy except food and utilities Caravan Motel 19101 DRIVE-ln Plenty parking 7 Pits A-l equipment 5 items only Price $3 500 52000 cash Business COLORED BEAUTY SHOP Murray NE 4-3467 FHA approved lots 75x100 sewers and water paid for I will give subordination call owner TU 7-7113 after 10 AM Builders Attention 28 FULLY Improved lake front lots ln choice North Dade location with sewers City water and streets FHA approved liberal terms full subordination Call Samuel Mergolles JE 8-3822 FOR A SAK AHD KtU Allt LOAN NO PAYMENTS 'TIL MAY 1st NO BALL00M-0I AS LOW AS MODERN fully equipped Air con minis Ave mh ditioned Terrific location $1800 rr i investments PL -601 911 PORD REALTY: nC- SIGN shop sale lease or nartnT LOANS '25 to '600 MONEY IN 1 DAY Or Sensible Plans For any desire er emergency You can depend on DOMESTIC COME IN OR TO SAVE TIMI PHONE FIRST DOMESTIC FINANCE CORPORATION 210 NI 2r'Av PI 1-7IJ1 111 Hkibsk Drl HlalMh TO 1-2420 t0 NW Tfh Ar PL 4-108 8000 Mr) lead Scsrrh Miami MO 7-1410 10 Mlroel Mil CTI (Vobles HI 4-1704 0011 NI 2nt Art PL 4-7140 000 NW 7th Ar PL 4-MOS lift NW 14fk SI Nl 4-ttll PL 7-2559 Ace 7932 NW 7th Ave PL 7-5971 FRAME HOMES AND CBS HOMES 1ST AND 2ND MORTGAGES TO CONSOLIDATE bills and 1st and 2nd mortgages into one low payment best interest mortgage aj a Tain-1 ESTABLISH (CHAIN' STORE 53000 HI 4-2648 PINE Tree Dr residential corner Sacrifice UN 6-3666 after 6 PJd Exclusive Golden Beach WATERFRONT (3) on beautiful Island 150'xl65' Prlate ocean-front swimming Owner WI 5-1647 BODY shop terrific business MMThtsTsTJj? SISM-Sfl books open to interested party WATCHMAKER owns established Jewelry store needs working partner for retail MO 1-7627 or NE 3-6311 or NE 4-22 BEAUTY salon MB $3000 best offer JE 4-2589 3 LOTS each 52' TOP duality work Reasonable Compere Also plastic 0 a PL 1-5841 TJN 5-8677 THE price Is right will look like new beautiful material good sa-ork Call Smith HE 5-2241 WORK dona ln your home Re-CQTcr fix springs PL 1-1137 FREE estimate Sofas $29 chair $11 Slipcovers custom made Pan Am chlri PL 7-7351 CA 1-7544 Drape reasonable upholstering Garcia HI 5-3487 Ft estimates 100' In block division on 11th 49 Merrlcks sub goon COMPLETE machine shop extensive: going business TU 8-8926 BARBER shop 3 chairs Priced to SEEKING man with 60X125 BARGAIN 5236 PWETREE DR PL 4-2513 tJN 5-3206 Ter of NW 23rd Ave Zoned ns SM Mttll First National Mortgage FR 1-4744 Alts Sis 1 Em sen owner must leave state ny background In sales end man- BAR dance and entertalnmant it Marcn 1st oooa lease I2b6 agement of machine tool Indus for 22nd St MO 7-6916 duplex $7 500 2 lots each 40' 100 corner NW 22nd Ct and 81th St $3300 Call Lee PL 7-1404 Walter Peach Org Box cense terms 1772 NW 71th St i TO QUICKLY provide cash tiv VZ rrri rz emergency or business needs EXTRA LARGE RESIDENTIAL LOT ONLY $17500 FUTCH REALTOR try tor profitable opportunity H-124 Herald luvni us i anu I11C well established money maker OrtTD DID SDiisnra mice 17U Oodfrey Rd JE 8-1843 MIAMI SPRINGS R-l Oood terms 'crrai Ahi Corner and Inside lots to choos 2SS2S TRADING Post for sale over 100 appliances doors windows glass Etc ton truck with electric tailgate terms 2208 So State Rd 7 Hollywood GROSS now $700 week $2950 ttOITtt 8 year lease muuo cash balance easy a y- Great Southern MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION FR 3-3654 AINSLEY BLDG or is a naives cases 5 wine from GLADYS POHL BROKER LARGE labor WATERFRONT LOT IPPinllUATt ments see owner 450W Flagler SOFA recovered material 5 7 OA rhalr C15Q5 Free oitpport 2 lamiites corner $12000 Estl- TU 8-866 location Exclusive body shon Es- RESTAURANT 12 years same lo IY II4KL1 mate Ran Am Charge PR 4-1417 AUTO paint and WEST Or COLLI rsB NEIGHBORHOOD tablished fullr eoulpped 45000 EXCELLENT 7fin 7 a or 1 ic ction' Money maker 30 stools 6200 NW 2nd Ave PL 7-1645 Write Box t7k7 ft 41 Fla Distress sale TU 8-8147 50X135' light Industry 25 X135' light Industry 62'ixlOO multlpl 90X110' multiple 1 PL 8-1114 TENETIAN BLINDS 227- ALL or part Interest In establish- 1ST Jm 2ntl mortgages for re ed concrete products firm in Bble persons Biscayne Mtg Co WINE and Beer Bar very good lunch business old MB location reasonable terms to suit JE 8-9401 atewart penaieton Realtor 1989 NE 163rd St WI 5-2821 Palm Beeh area Active sales BOX APP0RTIIHI7IIS WTTl -4-6i9 REPAIRED right ln your home Tape cord slat Etc PL 1-0315 BAY HARBOR waterfront Apt site Nice view $35000 cash Owner Box 2162 Oceanview Branch MB BEAUTIFUL landscaped lot 50x150 45th St Pinetree Dr area Reasonable Owner JE 1-1036 managerial ability required BtW NICE 50 lot on SW 30th St Herald home $1 each Quick aelltna Latin nurchaiera BJBMutUILJ mtiawmii pt HOME LOANS I Mk lay leild er lifienit legvifist letittd Isflk flii) Flacl*t St fR''mi REPAIR In rour tape MTJ 8-0216 $3300 MO 1-8007 DRY cleaning agency Alterations Furnished living quarters $500 Price Includes 1 months security 4606 NE 2nd Ave VALET Shop Empress Hotel Fully' Latin American Enterprises equipped Sub-let Small Invest- Business Opportunities FR 1-5531 51 REPAIRS in your home tape Curtis MU 8-C813 till 9 ment Security Illness Call Valet Tivmnd7rcin in pinrrrl7j res- Shop JE ft-6flO? 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